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The Science of Barrier Packaging

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Webinar Recording Key Topics

Tackling the biggest packaging challenges of moisture and oxygen-sensitive formulations

1:45 A word from the CEO
From History to Vision  •  Shaul Bassi

5:16 Market Trends
Barrier and Active Packaging for Pharmaceuticals  •  Peter Schmitt

18:39 Case Study
The Packaging of a Combination-Drug of Pramipexole and Rasagiline with LOG's Barrier Container  •  Tobias Eger

23:26 Product Spotlight
LOG's Barrier Containers: MultiBlock®, OxyBlock®, MonoBlock®    Lilach Azbel

28:50 Case Study
How to Overcome the Challenges posed by Oxygen Scavengers    Mini Nair

44:22 • Product Spotlight 
LOG's innovative ActiveGuard®
  •  Efrat Mosek-Cohen

50:56 From the Table of R&D 
Barrier Technology Innovations  •  Ora Gilboa Tsoran