Gain access to LOG's second in a series of webinars - June 9, 2021

The Science of Barrier Packaging

Episode 2

Webinar Recording Key Topics

Choosing the Optimal Packaging Design for Your Moisture-Sensitive Drug Formulation

0:02 • Opening Remarks
Welcome & Introduction

2:08 • Case Study
Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Choosing the Optimal Moisture Absorber  •  Mini Nair

10:36 • Product Spotlight 
LOG's Moisture Barrier Packaging Solutions
• Efrat Mosek-Cohen & Lilach Azbel

15:05 • From the Table of R&D 
Packaging - As Much as Needed, As Little as Possible  •  Ora Gilboa Tsoran

22:08 • Guest Speaker - FreeThink Technologies
Selecting Packaging for Shelf Life-Based Moisture Protection     Dr. Ken Waterman

47:22 • Audience Insights 
Questions & Answers

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